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Aero Cylinder Head & Nozzle M4 (Prometheus/Laylax)

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Aero Cylinder Head & Nozzle till Krytac M4 (Passar de flesta m4 plattformarna) tex: AEG M4 Series: LMG / CRB / LVOA-C / LVOA-SPrometheus Aero Cylinder Head

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Aero Cylinder Head & Nozzle till Krytac M4 (Passar de flesta m4 plattformarna) tex: AEG M4 Series: LMG / CRB / LVOA-C / LVOA-S

Prometheus Aero Cylinder Head & Sealing Nozzle was made for the Krytac M4 AEG series and is a high quality replacement part designed to out-perform the stock version, in turn, making sure your AEG performs more effectively in terms of shooting.

Material: ・ Aero cylinder head: Duralumin ・ Ceiling nozzle: POM

Product Information -

● Duralumin material with excellent strength, durability and wear resistance
● Hardened alumite treatment suppresses wear loss!
● Taper processing aiming at rectification effect and flow velocity improvement!
● New sliding for nozzle even with overseas power specifications O-ring mechanism is reliably suppress the air loss!

■ aero cylinder head: by intense reciprocating motion of the nozzle, harsh Duralumin material with excellent strength, durability, and wear resistance is selected based on usage conditions. In addition, alumite surface treatment (hardness UP) that suppresses wear loss is applied, and high precision all cutting processing is used to maintain the accuracy improvement of the nozzle center position.
Furthermore, taper processing was applied to the inflow side of the air to reduce the loss of the flow velocity, aiming at the rectification effect and the improvement of the flow velocity.
■ Ceiling nozzle: It is an important part that reciprocates violently like a piston and sends air from a cylinder to a BB bullet to supply, load, and fire.
Therefore, we have adopted POM material, which has dimensional accuracy, fatigue resistance, friction and wear resistance, and is highly self-lubricating. Furthermore, it has a built-in O-ring that enhances airtightness with the cylinder head, and has a unique nozzle tip design with an auxiliary intake port that realizes smooth intake. Prevents locking when the piston moves backwards, reduces the load on the gear and reduces battery consumption.